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The Zoll AED Plus Pedi Padz II electrodes are suitable for use during paediatric defibrillation with the ZOLL AED Plus. When connected to the ZOLL AED Plus, the Pedi padz II electrodes ensure the energy shock level is adjusted to suit a paediatric. The electrodes are supplied as a pair in a sealed pack ready for use.


  • Designed for use with the Zoll AED Plus Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic defibrillators
  • Suitable for infant/child patients 1 to 8 years of age
  • Supplied in a sealed pack with clear positioning instructions


For compatibility with Zoll AED Plus. 


Paediatric (Single Pair)


Defibrillator not included. 

ZOLL AED Plus Paediatric Pedi-Padz II Defibrillator Pads

SKU: MU/1226
£145.00 Regular Price
£93.99Sale Price
  • Minimum Shelf Life Of 18 Months 

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