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The MedUK Bleeding Control Kit is a perfect solution to providing timely intervention for controlling blood loss, in the event of a serious injury.


The kit is popular across the hopsitality sector for bars and nightclubs, as well as in Public Access Locations. 


The kit fits snugly inside an existing Defibrillator Cabinet, or inside a new Bleeding Control Cabinet.


Contained in a IFAK MOLLE Pouch, the webbing system on the rear of the pouch provides a secure and convenient way of securing the kit on to belts, bags, defibrillators or other systems. 


Built by our in-house Paramedic team, we have built a kit featuring only the equipment tried and tested, for saving lives when quality matters.


- 1 x CAT GEN-7 Emergency Tourniquet 

- 1 x CELOX RAPID Z-Fold Haemostatic Gauze

- 1 x 4" Emergency Care Bandage 

- 1 x 6" Emergency Care Bandage

- 2 x Pairs of Large Nitrile Gloves

- 1 x Pair of Emergency Shears/Scissors

- 1 x Emergency Foil Blanket

- 1 x Quick Reference Guide

- 1 x Contents Card

Contained in an Orange IFAK MOLLE Pouch.



Public Access Bleeding Control Kit

SKU: MU/1292
£125.00 Regular Price
£89.00Sale Price