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Providing patient care has evolved to become a key element of daily operations for emergency responders, such as the Police and Fire & Rescue services.

Complex Risks

All emergency services face complex risks when providing patient care, and must ensure they have robust Clinical Governance arrangements in place to support the delivery of safe and effective care.

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Strategic Planning

Our governance services are strategically aligned, planned and implemented to achieve local priorities. To support this, each emergency service organisation we work with will receive a published strategy document, reviewed annually to offer greater organisational assurance.

Clinical Governance

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Improve Patient Care

Improve patient care through measurable outcomes and expert industry advice.

Enhance Staff Confidence

Accessing specialist advice and guidance helps the workforce to feel more confident when delivering patient care.

Improve Staff Safety

Ensure employees can safely receive emergency care, that may be outside the usual scope of First Aid in high risk environments.

Prevent Organisational Harm

Implementing effective Clinical Governance naturally mitigates against adverse incidents and protects the organisation.

Our partnership with MedUK Group has assured our organisation that the emergency care we deliver to our community is safe and effective, whilst keeping our workforce safe.

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